The Steeple Grange Light Railway


The Steeple Grange Light Railway has in its stock sixteen former industrial narrow gauge locomotives.

The mainstay of the passenger service for most of the railway's life has been Greenbat, a Greenwood & Batley battery electric locomotive dating from 1960. It was built originally for the Halesowen Steel Company and finished its industrial days at Tinsley Wireworks in Sheffield. ZM32 on the traverser at Steeple House
ZM32 on the traverser at Steeple House
After passing into private ownership it moved to the SGLR, and following air braking it has now spent more than a decade on the line. During 2000-2001 it underwent a major re-build.

Of particular interest to enthusiasts of industrial railways is Horwich, named after the BR Locomotive Works where it originally worked under the number ZM32. This was bought from Gloddfa Ganol, Blaenau Ffestiniog following the closure of the museum there in 1997.

The original motive power on the line was a petrol inspection trolley specially constructed for the railway from a Hudson skip chassis (previously a four seat manrider at Ladywash Mine). A surplus wartime Villiers engine was fitted and seating constructed for the driver and two P/W workers. After a number of years languishing at the back of the shed, 2003 saw its re-emergence, and when its renovation is complete it is expected to see regular use on the line. It will carry the name Hudson after its chassis manufacturer.

Five other locos were bought from Gloddfa Ganol: two battery-electric locos – B.E.V. and Spondon – and three Hibberds. The other locomotives at the railway are two Lister diesels, Lizzie and Lister; another Greenwood & Batley battery electric, Number 6; and five further battery electric locos.

Locomotive Stock List

No. Name Type Manufacturer Works No. Built Status
(1) Number 6 4w BE Greenwood & Batley 2493 1953 R ¶
2 Hudson 2w–2 P Hudson / SGLR   1989 O
3 Greenbat 4w BE Greenwood & Batley 6061 1961 O
4 Lizzie 4w D Lister / Clay Cross Co Ltd   1973 O ¶
(5) 551 – B.E.V. 4w BE B.E.V. 551 1924 R ¶ os
(6) Number 4 4w BE Plymouth     A ¶
(7) 1881 (Hibberd Y Type) 4w P (2') FC Hibberd & Co Ltd 1881 1934 A ¶
(8) (Hibberd) 4w P (2') FC Hibberd & Co Ltd 3424 1949 A ¶
(9) (Hibberd DY Type) 4w D FC Hibberd & Co Ltd 4008 1963 O ¶
(10) Lister 4w D (2') R&A Lister & Co Ltd 37736 1951 A ¶ os
11 ZM32 – Horwich 4w D Rushton and Hornsby 416214 1957 O
(12) (3 – Somerset) 4w BE Greensburg Machine 2368 1950 R ¶ os
(13) L13 4w BE Clayton Equipment Co Ltd 5965 1973 R ¶
14 Peter 4w BE Clayton Equipment Co Ltd B0922B 1975 O ¶
(15) L10 4w BE Clayton Equipment Co Ltd 5431 1968 R ¶
(16) L16 (Peggy) 4w BE Clayton Equipment Co Ltd B0109B 1973 O
Brackets indicate number or name is not currently carried
4w – Number of powered wheels       –2 – Number of non-powered wheels
BE – Battery electric       D – Diesel       P – Petrol
(2') – 2'0" gauge
O – Operational       R – Under restoration       A – Awaiting restoration
¶ – Privately owned by members of the SGLR Society
os – Off site

Greenbat and Lizzie outside the old engine shed at Steeple House
Greenbat and Lizzie outside the old engine shed at Steeple House
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