The Steeple Grange Light Railway

Other Locos

Greensburg Scout and Plymouth EB2

These two similar locomotives were first recorded with Jay-Dee, Detroit. They then worked for Costain on the Victoria Dock Drainage Scheme, and passed to Westminster Plant and private ownership before moving to the SGLR. They each have one traction motor, driving one axle through spiral reduction gears. The axles are coupled by chain drive. One locomotive has a Clayton cam-contactor controller.


This Low-height Clayton 1¾ tonne locomotive is slightly larger than Lady Margorie, but is basically the same, although it has a cam-contactor controller. Built for Anglo-Scottish Plant Ltd, Peterborough, it was sold to Miller Buckley Plant Ltd, Rugby, in 1982, and was noted on hire in 1987 to P Forker, on a contract at Streetly, Warwickshire.

L16 (Peggy)

Similar to L10, but not identical, this locomotive was the second of a pair built for Parnell Plant of Rugby. In 1979 it was on hire to Miller Buckley Ltd for Black Country Sewer Contract No 7, at Bescot. It has been restored to operational condition using some parts from L10, and is currently using an old set of batteries from Greenbat. It was ‘officially’ named in a brief ceremony on 13 August, and has been used occasionally on non-passenger trains since then. Both L10 and L16 were bought out of industrial use.

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