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Lizzie in the snow at Killers Dale
Lizzie in the snow at Killers Dale

This locomotive dates from 1973 and operated on a 2' gauge line at the Spun Pipe Plant of the Clay Cross Co Ltd of Clay Cross, near Chesterfield. It was one of two diesel-engined locos built there using parts supplied by R & A Lister & Co Ltd of Dursley, Gloucestershire, a well-known manufacturer of lightweight narrow-gauge engines (Clay Cross also operated several genuine Listers). The loco was used to move trains of concrete pipes between the plant and the stockyards, and when the line closed down it passed into the hands of preservationists.

While at a private line in Dorset in 1993 the diesel engine failed, and the loco, now named "Lizzie", was fitted with a Ford Mercury petrol engine. Four years later it passed into the hands ot Brian Gent, Secretary of the Narrow Gauge Railway Society and proprietor of F.M.B. Engineering, who deal in narrow gauge railway equipment. Brian resold it to an SGLR member, regauging it to 18" before arranging its transport back to Derbyshire in February 1998.

The petrol engine expired one hot Saturday afternoon, and Lizzie has recently been fitted with a Lombardini diesel engine and is in working order.

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